Abandoned Railroads of Maryland
Georgetown Branch  -  Baltimore & Ohio
Weverton to Roxbury  -  Baltimore & Ohio
Frederick to Hanover, PA (2 segments)  -  Pennsylvania RR
Frederick to Thurmont  -  Potomac Edison
Popes Creek Branch (Lothair to Popes Creek)  -  Pennsylvania RR
Clayton, DE via Easton, MD to Oxford, MD  -  Pennsylvania RR
Queenstown to Love Point  -  Baltimore & Eastern
White Plains to Indian Head  -  US Navy (temp. leased to Indian Head Central)
McDaniel to Ocean City  -  Baltimore & Eastern
Williamsport Spur  -  Western Maryland
Keymar to Union Bridge  -  Pennsylvania RR
Mt. Airy Branch/Loop  -  Baltimore & Ohio
Ashland to New Freedom, PA  -  Northern Central (PRR/PC)
Emmitsburg   -   Emmitsburg
Rock to Nottingham, PA  -  PRR